Air Conditioning Services

Summers in the Pine Belt can be the absolute best time of year or pure torture.  Your cooling system makes the difference.  Take advantage of perfectly maintained temperatures, superior dehumidification, unprecedented energy efficiency, and outstanding reliability with quality air conditioning products and services from Andco Services LLC.  We protect the enjoyment of your home with precise installation, system replacement, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair.  Every project is answered with a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioning Repair

To keep your air conditioning system running smoothly over the long term, it’s best to catch and resolve even minor issues without delay.  Fortunately, Andco Services LLC makes it easy for homeowners across the Pine Belt to get the help they need.  We take the aggravation and stress out of HVAC repair through prompt, skilled, and affordable service.  Rest assured, we provide honest and accurate diagnosis of your cooling system, along with solutions that hold up to regular use and weather extremes.  Andco Services LLC is the right choice for any type of air conditioning challenge, and we work on any make or model of equipment.

By not only identifying the cause of the problem, but inspecting the system as a whole, Andco Services LLC ensures reliable, efficient, and satisfying performance from your air conditioner.  We keep you informed of the situation, and provide cost-effective recommendations.  If your system is nearing the end of service life, or proves too costly to repair, we’ll make sure you’re happy with your decision and provide prompt installation.  We specialize in high-efficiency cooling systems that cut operational costs, enhance comfort, and make your life easier.  Know that our intent is always to extend the dependability and lifespan of your system, and we work tirelessly to achieve your complete satisfaction.  For convenient scheduling across the Pine Belt, contact Andco Services LLC today!

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Homeowners are frequently tempted to neglect the seasonal upkeep of their cooling system.  Why invest time and money in an appliance that seems to be working just fine?  Lots of reasons.  Without professional maintenance, your air conditioner will cost you more and more every month.  Cooling and dehumidification capacity will suffer, compromising your comfort.  Contamination of the interior workings may very well degrade air quality, leading to health concerns, and the system will eventually fail, probably sooner rather than later.  Convinced yet?  There’s no question that timely inspection, cleaning, and adjustment saves time and money.  But all service is not equally beneficial.  When you contact our dedicated team for service, rest assured, the upkeep of your HVAC equipment is handled properly and with unwavering professionalism.

Andco Services LLC protects your investment into a cool and comfortable home.  Waiting for something to go wrong with your air conditioner before servicing it is the type of reactionary approach that results in much larger repair costs.  You’ll also be faced with sudden and inconvenient disruption of your daily life. Schedule an appointment for maintenance at a time that’s right for you. Rest assured, the technicians from Andco Services LLC will show up promptly, prepared to handle the scope of the job, and maintain an organized job site.  All debris, discarded equipment, and evacuated refrigerant will be reclaimed for proper disposal.  All work will be completed quickly, carefully, and with an exacting attention to detail.

Air Conditioning Installation

When temperatures rise and the humidity sets in, the perfect cooling system ensures an enjoyable season.  Andco Services LLC provides refreshing relief without draining your budget.  With high-efficiency products, quick turnaround on all projects, and accurate installation, we maximize value and satisfaction from your investment.  Trust our skilled team of technicians to handle everything from proper sizing to familiarizing you with operation and features of your new system.  We offer custom design/build for new construction, replacement of outdated equipment, and an answer to every type of challenge with central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless options, and geothermal systems.  A wonderfully cool summer is only a phone call away.

Target a single room or your entire home.  Go green, with geothermal options, or go ductless with a mini-split system.  Add cooling capability to your forced air heating system, upgrade old equipment, or check out the many benefits of a heat pump.  Andco Services LLC has the recommendations, service, and solutions you need for your unique requirements.  We ensure quality work and quick completion, supplying perfect comfort today, tomorrow, and year after year.  By getting everything right from beginning to end, we protect long-term performance, reliability, and cost of operating your new cooling system.

More Services

  • Commercial:  Full range of AC services for commercial businesses.
  • HVAC Products:  We offer top of the line heating and air conditioning systems known for their exceptional durability, outstanding warranties, and ENERGY STAR qualified options. You’re sure to find the perfect answer to your heating and cooling needs.
  • Ductless HVAC:  Mini or multi-split system that easily handle your cooling needs, and offers optional heating capability as well.  Quiet, compact, and attractive, the indoor unit fits neatly into your room, and never draws unnecessary attention to itself.
  • Heat Pumps:  Combining both heating and cooling capability into one efficient system, electric heat pumps are more than just convenient.  They eliminate all the concerns of fuel-burning heaters, require far less electricity than conventional air conditioners, and are the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and dust sensitivities.  Because they offer advanced filtration, won’t overly dry air during heating mode, and effectively handle humidity during cooling mode, you can expect a clean, healthy, and enjoyable home, year round.  And as an added bonus, heat pumps make it easy to set up individual zones, offering greater comfort and energy-conservation opportunities.

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